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Fireplace Built Ins

Fireplace Built Ins

We really do get it right

At Built in Durham, we know that having an efficient and accurate service is important when you are running a remodeling business. Being able to complete a job (like say fireplace built ins, or bathroom remodeling) in a timely manner, while maintaining high levels of professionalism and utilizing quick efficiency; well that is the mark of a great contracting service right there. We can get your job done quickly, without sacrificing any of the great quality we have become known for. There isn’t another service in the area that can match our work rate and efficiency, at least not for the prices that we charge.


Built in Durham is the premier choice for people in Oshawa (and most of the surrounding areas as well, if we are being honest) when it comes to all manner of remodeling services, from fireplace built ins to custom cabinets; and there is absolutely a reason for that.

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