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Inspiration: 22 Rustic Modern Kitchen Designs

Rustic Meets Modern Equals WOW!

Whenever we hear the word “rustic,” what comes to our mind is wooden features in different areas of an interior. There might even be brass features as well. It could be far from a modern style that is neat and sleek. But did you know that it is actually possible to combine both? Yes, designers found a way to combine a rustic style with a modern design. And the result is just lovely. For sure, it isn’t what you are expecting because a rustic modern kitchen actually looks really nice.

Today, we are sharing kitchen interiors that have a unique twist in them. It would be rare for you to see rustic modern kitchens but they do exist. If you have that desire to add wood in your home, you will surely like the kitchens that we will feature today. Most of the time, wood is used for the cabinets but it would either be painted or other types of finished will be used for it. But when the wooden texture is retained, that would entirely be a different story. Aside from wood, the kitchens below also have other rustic features in it like its lighting and even its furniture. Scroll down and take a look at the images of rustic modern kitchen designs.

1. Rustic Modern Retreat

Kitchen Choreography

We like how the wooden features of the kitchen compliment with the grey floor tiles. There are also others elements here that made it look even lovelier like the pendant lights and the use of steel.

2. Noe Valley Rustic Modern

Regan Baker Design Inc.

This kitchen is a re-creation of a 1950’s home wherein architectural finishes, fixtures, and accessories were selected to marry the client’s rustic, yet modern industrial style.

3. Gros Ventre West

Snake River Interiors

Aside from wood, you can also see that this kitchen used bricks too for the walls. And it does look really nice making it appear very rustic!

4. Rustic Modern Cleveland

DaVinci Floors & Granite

Exposed wooden beams and wooden flooring- all these bring a rustic style to the modern space. Notice that it has a white counter which gives the kitchen a balanced look.

5. Gulf Islands Residence

Lisa Kanning Interior Design

This one may have a modern look on it but it does give some rustic feel too with some elements it added in the space.

6. Old Westmoor Farm

Hanley Development

With the modern, rustic oak waterfall wall feature, this kitchen features a large island. We love the combination of white and wood here!

7. Camp Run-a-Muck

Highline Partners, Ltd

The rustic features of this kitchen are lovely, as wood and stone work together to give it a stunning appeal. You can also see that they have incorporated gorgeous pendant lights above the kitchen island.

8. Lake Tahoe Residence

Chelsea Sachs Design

A modern kitchen with sleek features uses not only wood for the cabinets but even beautiful ceramic tiles for the backsplash.

9. Renew

Fuentes Design, LLC

Aside from the wood here, we also love the white colours on the walls that looked great with the wooden features.

10. Erie Loft

Moss Architecture Design

Used in this kitchen are original timber beams and masonry walls which made the rustic and modern design combination quite lovely.

11. Rustic Modern Chef’s Kitchen

Ann Maguire Design

Apart from the rustic features in here, you will surely notice the classic appeal of the white subway tiles used for the backsplash.

12. Rustic Modern Kitchen San Diego

Jackson Design & Remodelling

We love the POP of the green plants on the dining table! They bring a refreshing vibe into the space where wood and white colours are combined.

13. Whisper Rock Residence

Tate Studio Architects

Although this one used many wooden elements in it and has exposed wooden beams, you can notice that it used modern equipment in the kitchen.

14. New Home in Devon

Trewin Design Architects

Who wouldn’t love the colors in this sweet rustic modern kitchen? Love the wooden texture and how it goes well with the white and black accents in the area.

15. Rustic Modern Kitchen in Steel and Wood

Lauren Levant Interior

Don’t you love the rustic feature from the natural wooden countertop of the kitchen? It is a stunner, and a very notable piece in the kitchen.

16. Terry Iverson

TerryIverson Photography

This is very modern indeed and we like how cool it looks, with all the needed features one is looking for in a kitchen.

17. Kitchen

Daniele Spina

Wood grain effect within a modern kitchen style can introduce a modern rustic tone. It also looks beautiful and very modern as grey is used with wood.

18. Loft Lumineux

Oumf Design

A stunning kitchen area that is flooded with natural light. Notice the white countertop of the kitchen island that has a wooden facade.

19. Other Photos in Lodge Style Open Concept Floorplan

Powell Construction

Such a lovely kitchen indeed! You can see that wood is everywhere and it has two kitchen islands with counter-height stools for guests and the family. Notice also that there is a skylight in the area to bring more brightness to the space.

20. Turner Residence Baltimore MD

Kitchen Associates

Despite the combination of white and black, this kitchen still looked rustic because of the wood on the walls.

21. Kitchen 3d Render for Sacramento Project

Archicgi com

Beautiful & Modern! From the furniture to the wooden features, this is one kitchen that most of us would like to own.

22. Time for Cooking

Kraftek Studio

And for a small home, a small kitchen like this will also work well. It doesn’t mean that just because it is small, it can be boring. This one looks very creative - would you agree?

Isn’t it nice to merge two contrasting decorating styles for an interior? What we love in the kitchen interiors above is how each one became unique because of how it is decorated in a unique manner. It's also nice, that sleek features look well with the wooden items in every space.

What can you say about the kitchen designs above? Feel free to add your comments!

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